Selling NFTs

Step-by-step guide to selling NFTs on DumpEX
Binance Smart Chain

Step 0: Identify the NFT you want to sell

Choose the NFT you want to sell and identify its contract address (e.g. 0x0eAbED78fd49AD3c0A3e445954f29522025c09A0) and token ID (e.g. 1)

Step 1: Approve the DumpEX contract

Go to the NFT contract and approve the DumpEX contract to use the NFT. Do this on the block explorer's "Contract" > "Write Contract" -page by calling the "approve" -function with the following values
  • to: contract address of the DumpEX contract (for BSC: 0x404df8bc73d3632338c4e43c4971bf469a849d79)
  • tokenId: the ID of the token you want to sell
Click write and approve the transaction.
Approving the DumpEX contract to transfer an NFT

Step 2: Sell the NFTs

  • Go to the DumpEX contract on BscScan
  • Under Contract > Write Contract > sellNFT enter the following attributes
    1. 1.
      nftAddress: enter the contract address of the NFT
    2. 2.
      tokenId: enter the ID of the NFT you want to sell
  • Click Write and approve the transaction
Selling an NFT using the DumpEX contract on BscScan

Step 3: Revoke the contract

Use a service like to revoke the NFT approvals.